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T. Westpoint

A. Talley


Guest Instructors

Master J. Westpoint

Master R. Thomas

Tumbling & Cheer Coach

Y. Williams

Summer Camp

Registration starts in March 2017

Westpoint Martial Arts Academy

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Class Schedule


Little Dragons (Ages 6 & Under) 

Mondays & Fridays- 5:30pm-6:15pm

ALL belts





Private Lessons


Private lessons can be arranged if necessary for extra one on one assistance with the Martial Arts Instructor and the student. All lessons will take place at Westpoint Martial Arts Academy and through Management.


30 Minute Session- $20.00
45 Minute Session- $30.00
1 Hour Session- $40.00

The 8 Principles


Our Little Dragons program teaches the following:

  • Teamwork
  • Focus

  • Discipline

  • Coordination

  • Memory

  • Balance

  • Control

  • Fitness 

Little Dragons

I, Tennille "Cheetah" Westpoint became a Lifetime Member

at the PasaRyu Headquarters on April 4, 1999 under Chief Instructor Master Kang “Ox” Rhee who taught the King of Rock 'N' Roll singer, Elvis Presley.


As a 3rd degree black belt Martial Arts Instructor, it’s my role to train and develop the minds of our Little Dragons through our enriching and age-appropriate curriculum specifically designed for individuals to teach them life skills while enhancing their mental development. I understand the importance of keeping track of the students’ progress, encouraging good behavior/ mannerism, & developing a partnership with the parents or guardians to ensure growth, self-esteem, & teamwork.  


Class Structure


The class structure will consist of emphasis on "Korean" terminology, proper technique (i.e. stances, kicks, & punches), & an exciting program that teaches your child confidence, self-esteem, focus, & discipline during each 45 minute class. It'll begin with stretching, & basic warm-up exercises.