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T. Westpoint

A. Talley


Guest Instructors

Master J. Westpoint

Master R. Thomas

Tumbling & Cheer Coach

Y. Williams

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Registration starts in March 2017

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Private Lessons

Boys Tumbling classes
(Ages 6 - 12)

Private lessons can be arranged if necessary for extra one on one assistance with the Tumbling Coach and the student. All lessons will take place at Westpoint Martial Arts Academy and through Management.

30 Minute Session- TBA


Class Schedule


Boy Tumblers (Ages 6-12)
Tuesdays- 5:30pm-6:00pm

Class Structure

Our Tumbling classes consist of boys ages 6 - 12 years old who desire to practice Extreme Martial Arts or just want to improve on their tumbling skills. Boys Tumbling classes will consist of beginner and intermediate skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back hand springs, and back flips! Boys will learn basic techniques, & the importance of body awareness and safety. Individual requirements are taught with a emphasis on balance, focus, strength, and flexibility/contortion.